Press Releases

  • Press Release01/04/2024

    On Tuesday, January 23,2024, the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) will conduct interviews for the position of Associate District Judge, District 20, Murray County. The following individuals have applied for this position:

  • Press Release11/09/2023

    The Judicial Nominating Commission seeks applicants to fill the following judicial office of Associate District Judge, Seventeenth Judicial District, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. This vacancy is due to the resignation of the Honorable Jana Wallace on November 1, 2023.

  • Press Release09/20/2023

    The Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) today announced the following individuals have applied for the position of District Judge, District 21, Office 4:

  • Press Release09/07/2023

    The Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) announces the three nominees for the position of District Judge for the District Judge, District 14, Office 9. After concluding the review process and conducting in-person interviews, the JNC submitted to the Governor the following nominees for this position:

Applicants for Judicial Vacancies

District Judge

District Judge, District 21, Office 4

Appointed by Governor

  • Julia "Lynne" McGuire, Norman
District Judge, District 14, Office 9

Appointed by Governor

  • Richard Hathcoat, Tulsa
District Judge, District 3, Office 1

Appointed by Governor

  • Rafe R. Hall, Duke

Associate District Judge

Associate District Judge, District 17

JNC Applications

  • Gary W. Brownsworth, Hugo
  • Amber C. Duncan, Antlers
  • Nicholas R. C. Tucker, Antlers

Associate District Judge, District 20

01/23/2024 JNC Interviews

  • Tyler L. Akers, Ardmore
  • Don Herring, Kingston
  • Rebecca B. Johnson, Sulphur
  • Mark D. Melton, Davis
Associate District Judge, District 3

JNC Applications

  • Sommer K Robbins, Headrick
  • Kelissa R. Sanders, Altus
  • Neil S. West, Lawton